Getting Here

Getting Here

By Plane

Today, located in the center of Saint Barthélemy, the Gustaf III Airport is the strategic point of entry for most visitors on vacation or on business. Limited by the beach on one end and a mountain on the other, the short runway is less than one-half-mile long. This requires delicate maneuvers on behalf of the pilots, who must be specially certified for the landing and cannot bring in anything larger than a 19-seater.

The airport in Saint Barthélemy provides modern comfort and convenience, as well as security, for both arrivals and departures. St Barth is just a 10-minute flight from St Martin, 40 minutes from Antigua, one hour from Guadeloupe, and 90 minutes from Puerto Rico. In 2008, there were 162,590 passengers at the airport, with 39,313 flights.

By Boat

For those who prefer to begin their vacation with style, there is a more comfortable way to arrive in St Barth by sea: Taxi Boats. These are private companies whose representatives meet you upon your arrival at Princess Juliana airport, and drive you to the dock where you will embark on a beautiful motorboat, and speed off over the incredible turquoise waters that lead to St Barthélemy.

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