Casa de Campo , Dominican Republic

Punta Aguila 28

US$ 10,800,000


The curves of the sea and the warm breezes of the Caribbean inspired this modern interpretation of a villa in the tropics by Spanish architect Joaquin Torres. When entering the villa through a narrow path, welcomes the guest with palms threes with curved trunks and scarce brushes of bold colors.

The minimalist landscaping gives way to complement the white sand that slides towards the aqua blue of the sea. The green lawn, white sand, and deep blue ocean and the sea water swimming pool integrates delicately and naturally, creating an experience for the swimmer to feel as if they are once within and above the ocean. Using minimal natural materials, such as coralline and ipe, Torres has created a house filled with sensation. The ambiance of the house shifts dramatically with the sun from dawn to dusk, and awaits romantic nights lit by stars and candlelight.


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